Best Places to Work in Seattle

Best Places to Work in Seattle

Each year, Fortune publishes a list of the top 100 places to work across the U.S.. In the most recent edition, six companies based in or near Seattle made the cut. Employees at these businesses enjoy perks like paid sabbaticals and gym memberships, and thrive in open, communicative corporate cultures.

1. Adobe Systems

The software giant, known for its popular Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash tools, is not headquartered in Seattle. But the 446 employees at Adobe's Seattle offices benefit from the same perks as their cohorts in San Jose. Those include a six-week paid sabbatical (based on tenure) and a week dedicated to public service.

2. Microsoft

It would be hard to write about companies in Seattle and not mention the company that helped put Seattle on the technology map. Microsoft, headquartered in Seattle, employs nearly 40,000 of its 90,000+ staff in the Seattle area. Microsoft employees are proud to say they "are a PC" and be part of a company that is familiar to nearly everyone, and used by millions everyday. Developers at Microsoft make an average of $106,000/year.

Other perks include 100% health care coverage, onsite fitness centers, and a job sharing program.

3. Nordstrom

Fortune points out that the upscale retailer, famous for its courteous and service-oriented staff, managed to survive the recent recession without a single layoff. Employees say that the part-time benefits, connection with other staff, and support from management help make Nordstrom one of the best places to work in retail.

4. Perkins Coie

Do you have to be a registered Democrat to be employed as a lawyer at Perkins Coie? Maybe not, but it probably helps. The firm had 59 lawyers who worked for President Obama's campaign in 2008, and another 49 worked for the Al Franken campaign.

The firm boasts 100% healthcare coverage for its employees. Other perks include subsidized gym membership, compressed workweek, and telecommuting.

5. REI

Recreational Equipment makes work fun for the nearly 1900 employees in its Kent, Sumner, and Seattle offices.

Active employees enjoy the co-op benefits, the work/life balance, and the chance to share their outdoors expertise with customers. And nearly all employees are proud that the products and services they sell can help promote an active, outdoorsy life for an increasingly sedentary culture.

6. Starbucks Coffee

The majority of employees at thousands of Starbucks stores in Seattle and across the U.S. are part-timers. But many say they appreciate the health care benefits for part-time workers, as well as the camaraderie with other baristas and customers.

Don't agree with Fortune's list? See also Seattle Business Magazine for their list of the top 100 places to work in Seattle, published each summer.

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