Computer Support Technician

Computer Support Technician

Computers have saturated the economy to a point that computer work can be found in nearly every business sector. As technologies such as Wi-Fi (wireless internet) become dominant, new jobs and career specialties are created. While computer careers employ workers in every business sector, most of the new jobs are felt in web development, data, security and associated services -- especially IT support and computer and hardware repair.

People who major in computer repair learn various methods to troubleshoot computer software, hardware, and peripherals. Computer repair technicians use a process of elimination to investigate possible sources of a problem and, beginning with the most obvious or easiest problem to fix, work through the situation until the problem is corrected.

Computer support technicians provide technical support and advice to customers and other users. As a support specialist, you work either within a company that uses computer systems or directly for a computer hardware or software vendor. Increasingly, specialists work for help-desk or support services firms, for which they provide computer support to clients on a contract basis.


Training requirements vary for IT support positions. Some jobs just require hands-on experience and certificates showing knowledge of the relevant software and tools. But many jobs require a bachelor's degree (or some college) in computer science or information systems.

Coursework for majors in this field may include: fundamentals of various operating systems; installation, configuration and upgrading; motherboard, processors, and memory; basic networking; printers and drivers; diagnostics and troubleshooting; preventive maintenance procedures.

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